The Penitent Thief

Talk About Coming Full Circle

December 1, 2022
Paul Del Favero



       Just wanted to share with you once again how God is doing amazingthings!!! 


   So this past Tuesday, I was at Polk C.I. and for whatever reasonsecurity did not release my students for class? 😬 So after talking to Chaplain Heredia, for about an hour, he saysto me “Hey, why don’t you just walk down to the dorm where most of your studentsare”. I was like OK are you going to take me? He says No you can just walk overthere yourself. 😳 Soone of the inmates that works in the chapel says,”I’ll show you where it’s at”,so we head out onto the compound and start walking.  


First off, let me say that I refused to walk in the yellow lineslol. 


   But on a serious note, it was absolutely surreal to be back in thatsetting, walking the compound and then going into the dormitory. Seeing thoserows of open bay dormitory bunks, really took me back. As much as one thinks,they have put their past behind them, for me, going back as a volunteer inprison has been quite a roller coaster of gratitude, emotions andmemories. 


   So upon leaving I went back and saw the Chaplain, and told him I wouldsee him next week. He said wait before you go, let me give you something. Hethen proceeded to hand me a Florida Department of Corrections, volunteer pin. Iwore a lot of name tags and badges while incarcerated, and none of them weregood. I can, however, say that I am proud to wear this pin, because to me, itis a testament of what God can do. 


Respectfully, Paul Del Favero