January 23, 2023
Paul Del Favero
Marslino Doing the Next Right Thing

Hello Family, 



   I got a text today that filled my heart with joy!! Marslino whom is basically our first participant that has been released since attending our class at Polk C.I. hit me up with some amazing news!!

   After 17 job interviews and after weeks of walking three hours each way to the labor pool. Marslino was riding his recently donated bike and saw a help wanted sign in front of a locally owned mechanic shop. He went in and applied, and was hired on the spot!!! Not only are they paying him a living wage, but it’s also 8 minutes from his house, and work he enjoys and is good at. 


   Giving all credit and praise to God first, and Marslino’s humility, faith and perseverance second. This is the kind of determination, and substance of character that it takes to be successful after coming out of 10 years of incarceration.


    Marslino was a good steward of those shoes he was wearing to walk to the labor pool. God saw that and honored him with a new pair of boots and a bicycle. Then as he continued walking in faith, God blessed him with a better job! 


    What might not be seen as pivotal life altering act, to get a guy a pair of boots, or let him have your old bicycle. To someone on the receiving side of that, it might just be a missing part of their puzzle, or simply just give them the motivation they need to know that people care and are on the journey with them. 


   The same God that raised Lazarus from the dead, and was risen after three days in the grave, is still on the throne. He is in the business of restoration and healing, and his word promises that his people will never be seen begging for bread.


    Thank you Marslino for your faith and example of the power of God. 


Sincerely, Paul Del Favero